Hourly billing criterion varies from EUR 110 + VAT and 220 + VAT, which are possible cover by legal aid or the costs may be covered either by the company or a private individual, legal expenses insurance.

Please feel free to contact us. It does not cost anything. We find out for free how costs of the service could be covered.


Legal aid and free trial

It is possible to obtain legal aid predominantly to the court cases. Other than court cases, person need for legal assistance should the first place to deal with the local public legal aid office.

Fee in legal aid cases is 110 euros / hour and the customer will be paid on that portion deductible. Without cost-sharing rate to receive legal aid, will not have to pay for any services.


Legal insurance

Legal insurance is typically connected to a private person home insurance, or insurance of company.

It is possible to obtain an legal advantage from insurance company, either the court or the relevant out-of-court case. There is some abnormality between insurance companies Terms and Conditions.


Other issues

Legal assistance in matters outside the ordinary hourly billing is € 180 + VAT. Office uses time-based billing and operational postings are a ten-minute increments. Lowest billable measure is one hour.

We survey free of charge, the costs can be covered by public legal aid or legal expenses insurance. In criminal cases the plaintiff's costs can also be paid by the State of Finland, even if the customer is not entitled to legal aid.

In some cases, the crime victim to get counsel for a trial (typically a robbery or a sexual offense victim) and expenses will be covered by either the state or paid by the costs can get granted by the State of Finland.


Private Customers

  • Criminal cases
  • Restraining orders
  • Child custody, meeting rights and child support
  • Real estate and housing disputes
  • Association issues
  • Patient Injury Cases
  • Contract issues debt collection
  • Consulting

Corporate customers 

  • Contractual disputes
  • Contracts of Employment Matters
  • Consulting
  • Public procurement


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